What to expect

If you are new to Freedom Baptist Church, looking for a new church home or simply want a place to visit along your faith journey, here's what you will find at Freedom -

Services & Times
We have Sunday School for all ages each week starting at 9:30am. Our Worship service time is 10:30am. We also have a Bible Study on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm. The days and times for special services will be posted on this web site.

Worship Style
Our worship style is traditional with hymns and special music. We focus on the Word of God and how it applies to our lives in today's world.

Our congregation is made up of  young and older families, kids, singles, etc. Members come from all faith backgrounds and economic levels. The common denominators in our congregation is a strong sense of love, family, community, mission, and service to the world.

There is no dress code at Freedom. You will find some members wearing suits and ties with others in jeans.

The Service

Our worship services will seem very similar to many church services:
We come together to worship usually with a reponsive reading and song.
We confess our shortcomings, ask for mercy and pray for ourselves, community, and the World.
We listen to the Word of the Lord through scripture reading and sermons
We ask for God's help for ourselves and others,
...and we sing!

We hope that you will join us!